Flash Friday

The goal of the 1st Flash Friday was to provide an opportunity for grad students and postdocs to introduce themselves and their current research with the hopes of better defining the people, skills, resources, and questions that characterize the biogoechemistry community on campus. The event was extremely successful, with over 40 people from across campus participating. Much thanks to the following students who presented:
Ben Ahlswede (FREC): “How does forest management alter global climate?”
Brianne Ensor (BSE): “Spatial and temporal trends in greenhouse gas fluxes from the Stroubles Creek floodplain”
Amy Gondran (FREC): “Influence of vegetation on TDS”
Annika Jersild (FREC): “Relative role of parameter vs. climate uncertainty for predictions of future southeastern U.S. pine carbon cycling”
Jinshi Jian (CSES):  “Soil respiration of urban green spaces in Blacksburg, VA and estimation by the DNDC model”
Nate Jones (FREC): “Hydrologic connectivity of geographically isolated wetlands”
Tyler Keys (BSE): “Assessing the impacts of dams on downstream floodplain hydrology and ecosystem services”
Ryan McClure (BIOL): “Examining greenhouse gas responses to whole-ecosystem reservoir manipulations”
Kristin McElligott (FREC): “Forest management alters controls over litter decomposition”
Kriddie Whitmore (FREC): “Cycling of trace elements in mining-influenced headwater streams”
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