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Faculty, Postdocs, Research Scientists

* co-organizers

Cayelan Carey* – Aquatic Ecology and Biogeochemistry

Kait Farrell – Aquatic Ecology

Cully Hession – Ecological Engineering

Erich Hester – Environmental Hydraulics

Erin Hotchkiss – Stream and River Ecology, Limnology, Ecosystem Ecology

John Little – Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

Kevin McGuire – Watershed Hydrology

Daniel McLaughlin – Forest and Wetland Ecohydrology

Madeline Schreiber – Hydrogeosciences

Stephen Schoenholtz – Forest Hydrology and Soils

Durelle Scott* – Hydroecology and Watershed Engineering

Meredith Steele – Urban Ecosystems and Biogeochemistry

Ryan Stewart – Hydrology and Soils

Brian Strahm* – Soils and Biogeochemistry

Andrés Peralta Tapia – Hydrology

R. Quinn Thomas* – Forest, Climate, and Global Change

Jack Webster – Stream Ecology

Students & Research Technicians

Ben Ahlswede – FREC

Jake Diamond – FREC

Lauren Eastes – CEE

Carrie Jensen – FREC

Jinshi Jian – CSES

Tyler Keys – BSE

David Lee – FREC

Raymond (Ray) Lee – FREC

Mary Lofton – BIOL

Seth Lotts – CEE

Ryan McClure – BIOL

Brynn O’Donnell – BIOL

Stephen Plont – BIOL

Joshua Rady – FREC

Katherine Santizo – CEE

Morgan Schulte – FREC

Tony Timpano – FREC

Tyler Weiglein – FREC

Kiddie Whitmore – FREC


Former students and postdocs:

Dylan Cooper – now at Angler Environmental

Breanne Ensor – now at KCI consulting

Kate Hamre – explorer of the world

Kevin Horn – now a AAAS fellow at USAID

Amy Gondran – explorer of the world

Annika Jersild –

Nathan Jones – now at

Kristin McElligott – now at ARS in Madison, WI

Morgan Schulte – now at